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New CHHC Research Fellow, Rory Cox

The Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Caltech-Huntington Humanities Collaborations is pleased to welcome our research fellow for the 2017-2018 academic year, Rory Cox.
Rory Cox

Probing the Past and Present

Jennifer Jahner, assistant professor of English and co-director of the current “Violence and Order” research module, talks about her research and the Caltech-Huntington Humanities Collaborations in an interview for the Caltech Break Through campaign.
Jen Jahner

Caltech and The Huntington Welcome Historian Susanna Throop as a CHHC Visitor

Susanna Throop, associate professor of history at Ursinus College, visits Caltech and The Huntington this spring as part of the Violence and Order research module of the Caltech-Huntington Humanities Collaborations (CHHC).
Susanna Throop

Workshop Recap | Defining Violence: Texts and Methodologies

On January 20, 2017, the Caltech-Huntington Humanities Collaborations (CHHC) held its first workshop, “Defining Violence: Texts and Methodologies,” to bring scholars together to explore foundational questions in the study of violence and social order. Part of the CHHC’s current research module, “Violence and Order Past and Present,” the workshop featured six distinguished guest speakers and a roundtable discussion.

Caltech News Features the CHHC

Caltech News published a story about the Caltech-Huntington Humanities Collaborations. The piece describes the inception of the program and the inspiration behind the current research module, “Violence and Order Past and Present.”
CHHC Leah Klement

CHHC Lecture Recap: Bruce Hoffman

Georgetown University Professor Bruce Hoffman, a political analyst known for his views on terrorism and insurgency, spoke on “The Rationality of Terrorism and Other Forms of Political Violence: Lessons from the Jewish Campaign in Palestine, 1944-1947.”
Bruce Hoffman

Caltech and The Huntington Welcomed Historian Cary Nederman as the First CHHC Visitor

Cary Nederman, professor of political science at Texas A&M University, visited in November 2016 as part of the CHHC’s Violence and Order research module.
Cary Nederman