The California Institute of Technology (Caltech), through its Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), and The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens (The Huntington) have partnered as leaders in bringing interdisciplinary research to the humanities through the Caltech-Huntington Humanities Collaborations (CHHC).

The CHHC program is organized around a series of ambitious and targeted interdisciplinary research projects–or thematic research "modules"–developed and coordinated by a small group of Caltech faculty members and Huntington residential research fellows. The modules run for two years, linking workshops, conferences, visiting faculty, and fellowship and postdoctoral appointments across both institutions. Learn more about the CHHC program here.

The 2016–2018 CHHC module, titled "Violence and Order Past and Present," studied the various roles that violence has played in political and social order, as well as the possible norms and cultural attitudes that have governed its use. Read more about the Violence and Order module here.

The current module, which began in 2020, is titled "Interpreting Economic Change in Europe, c. 1650-1900." It brings together scholars from a range of disciplines to explore the ways in which new technologies since the Industrial Revolution have addressed social challenges—related, for example, to population change, economic development, the environment— and the ways in which such challenges and associated technologies have been understood and accommodated in specific social contexts. Read more about the 2020-2022 module here.